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Your dedicated family office.
Greenpoint Advisors is a family office platform dedicated to meeting the unique needs of both domestic and international high net worth families.

Greenpoint Advisors serves as a dedicated and fully integrated family office.  Our comprehensive service offering provides a centralized resource to help address any and all personal and financial affairs.  Greenpoint Advisors serves as the conduit that brings the client’s other advisors together. The fully integrated Greenpoint Family Office solution is for the family that seeks to have the many benefits of having their own family office, but does not wish to take on the burden of hiring, managing and retaining staff.

Greenpoint coordinates and oversees a wide range of activities and services, all of which are geared towards the formation of a comprehensive plan of action. During that process, your dedicated Greenpoint advisor makes it their priority to fully understand your life's goals and financial objectives while deciding how to best attain them. Once an action plan has been mapped, the rest is fully coordinated by Greenpoint Advisors, during that time, you are kept fully informed via our comprehensive progress and financial reports. At every step of the way, you'll be well enough informed and equipped to make the most astute decisions.

Greenpoint Advisors has built a unique and transparent multifamily office with a flexible service offering that provides a natural alignment between our firm and our clients' best interests. Greenpoint Advisors does not receive commissions, transaction fees, sales charges, or referral fees, and does not receive compensation from the sale or use of proprietary products or any form of indirect compensation of any type from any service provider.

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