Financial Reporting
Aggregates tell the whole story.
The Greenpoint Advantage is its aggregate approach to financial reporting. No where else will you obtain so consolidated a view of your financial universe and well being in so concise a manner.

Greenpoint Advisors provides a consolidated view of the clients’ entire financial picture - capturing information from all sources such as banks, brokers, business entities, and others. Each clients’ unique financial statement gives them a comprehensive view of all of their holdings, such as equities, bonds, privately held investments, real estate assets, and alternative investments. Greenpoint delivers strategic consolidated financial reporting to each family, allowing them the advantage of a clearer picture into their financial universe and the benefit of enhanced decision making. Below are some of the key points of our Greenpoint Advantage Reporting. See everything, in one picture, clearly, and make better investment decisions.

  • Greenpoint Advantage Reporting
  • Design and implement financial, statistical and analytical reports.
  • Prepare forecasts for revenue, expenses, sales, and staffing.
  • Prepare schedules for monthly P&L.

Greenpoint engages the investment professionals and fund managers overseeing a families various accounts to obtain detailed information required for the preparation and delivery of thorough client financial reporting packages and performance reports. Our professionals coordinate with investment professionals for investment monitoring and analysis of your various investments and partnerships. We also coordinate and oversee operational activities such as budgeting, financial reporting, investment analysis, and new market assessment.

Client Manager

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