Family Advocate
a Greenpoint value added service that
Will help you accomplish more.
A Greenpoint Family Advocate can help you realize all of your potential, you'll accomplish so much more knowing that experienced professionals are providing all necessary resources
to ensure that your family operates without interruption.

Your dedicated Greenpoint advisor becomes the single point of contact for all your financial needs.  The Greenpoint Family Office provides families with the convenience of a primary contact to coordinate the resources necessary to support the client’s family.  Our Family Office professionals are entirely dedicated to release our clients from daily burdens and help them achieve goals.  Our range of services is wide and fully adaptable to the client’s needs. As your independent Family Advocate, we are an objective resource to families.  We work collaboratively with service providers and act as a resource to provide information to families.  We interact and communicate effectively with multi-generational families and with their service providers.

So go on and do more. With your Greenpoint Advisors Family Advocate on top of all matters pertaining to managing your family affairs, you can rest assured and finally focus on your golf swing.


Client Manager

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